Letter to the editor: The reaction after the aftermath

In the election Trump had an unexpected win. Beating the clear choice of Hillary Clinton. Trump had won the majority states. In him winning that means that the republican have the all the power in congress. Along with Trump appointing some new supreme court judges that mostly favor republicans. This means a lot of laws republican pass will be untested. The last time republicans had this much power we were in the great depression.

People who supported Trump thinks that this is the greatest thing that ever happen. Even people in his own party didn’t want trump to win. In addition to the people who though Trump weren’t going to win were in shock after the results. Overall if you ain’t a Trump supporter then you can’t be happen with his win.

In my opinion I don’t know how I feel about Trump winning. Being a Democrat I wanted Hillary to win. Because is  Trump being president I can only hope for the best. If anything he might be a great president. I mean millions of people wanted him for a reason.