Mass. football players named 'Most Valuable People' for heroic cat rescue before game

A pair of Massachusetts teens are being called heroes for what they did before a major upset; they saved a cat trapped in a drainage pipe.

As reported by the Bridgewater Independent, a pair of Bridgewater High football players are being feted as heroes for their quick thinking rescue effort which extracted a frightened cat from a drainage pipe. George Lampros, the team’s kicker, and Max Sergio, a guard, arrived at Sergio’s house hours before the team’s game against Xaverian Brothers and heard a loud sound emanating from a nearby sewage pipe. The boys raced off to see what was stuck, and found a kitten who was fighting against rising water.

The boys called 911, but knew that help was unlikely to arrive in time to save the cat, so they took matters into their own hands. The duo popped the drain cover open with a crowbar, used a large bucket to lift the cat out of the drain after coaxing it in with a gentle push from a shovel.

You can see the entire lifesaving adventure below.

The pair wasn’t done with their big Friday, either. Less than four hours after saving the cat, the Bridgewater players were celebrating a huge, 22-21 upset of Xaverian with their teammates. Saving the cat may have been the day’s most noble act, but the surprising Bridgewater victory wasn’t to be overlooked, either.

As for the rescue, neither Lampros or Sergio expressed any doubt about their actions.

“Even if we couldn’t get it out, we knew we needed to try,” Lampros told the Independent. “After we did it, we were just happy we got there on time.”