Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh joins chain gang at high school game

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh encourages his players coming off the field after another Michigan score making it 21-0 towards the end of the half at Michigan Stadium Saturday.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh (Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images)

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh made the most of his Bay Area recruiting trip this weekend. A day after announcing the homecoming queen in a high school game — he was there seeing Antioch (Calf.) running back Najee Harris, the No. 1 2017 prospect, on Friday — Harbaugh took on a new role by becoming a member of the chain gang in a San Francisco high school game between St. Mary’s and El Cerrioto.

Harbaugh was there to see offensive tackle Aaron Banks.

Asked at his weekly news conference Monday about the chain gang, Harbaugh said:

The Wolverines are in a bye week and Harbaugh was previously spotted taking in high school games in Las Vegas in Los Angeles to recruit players.

Harbaugh isn’t allowed to talk about unsigned recruits but enjoyed the game and the area, he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I have a lot of history here,” he said. “I’m enjoying the heck out of it. … It’s just great being back at a high school game — the enthusiasm, it’s healthy, it’s productive, it’s fun.

“It’s everything you remember. More adults should get out to high school games, just for the sheer joy of it.”