New CV On The Way

Now in the year of 2016-17 construction has finally started and the new school is on the way. Construction started mid summer and expected to take a couple of years. In addition to a remodeled high school and a brand new middle school, the outdoor athletics are very excited to be playing on new turf this year. After gaining a history of staph infections and spots too worn down to walk on, the school finally decided to invest in some new turf. Some changes to it are blue end zones instead of green and a whole new logo. Instead of the trademark colt, the AD opted out for the letters “CV”, that of course stand for Chartiers Valley. Senior Football player Reilly O’Neill says “It’s tuff.”

Though people may be excited about the updated schools and athletic facilities, they have been causing some issues. The biggest issues being the now limited parking spaces due to a mass of construction vehicles in the original student parking lot and an entire two parking lots that used to be for the teachers and faculty members are also restricted for construction vehicles only.

So far the biggest changes to the inside of the school is the internet cafe and tech wing. What used to be a huge open room used for study halls has been reduced to a small hallway to get to the stadium wing. The tech wing is now non-existent. All tech ed type classes have been moved to the second floor of the stadium wing. Updates on construction can be found on our school’s website


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