No. 1 Bishop Gorman cruises to another blowout in Nevada

The most drama surrounding Bishop Gorman’s 2016 Homecoming game was focused on the contents of Gorman’s annual mythic Nike swag bag. No, that’s not an exaggeration.

The annual Gaels football swag bags — which you can see below — arrived on Thursday night, with each player receiving a Nike sweatshirt, down vest, multiple t-shirts and hats, bags and a handful of other nick knacks. It was a good set of gear, which set the stage for a thorough butt whomping of Las Vegas public school Clark High. The Gaels led 37-0 at halftime en route to a 58-0 whitewash, another decisive victory against an overmatched Nevada opponent.

For the record, the Clark Chargers were never likely to be the team to end Bishop Gorman’s three-season long undefeated run. The team entered with a 1-6 record, and never truly competed in the Bishop Gorman red zone. There are a pair of other schools, however, who could still throw a pre-playoff spanner in the works: The school’s final two regular season games come against Durango (at home) and Sierra Vista (away), both of which are undefeated themselves.

Will Durango or Sierra Vista be able to generate better results against the ultimate Goliath? If Tate Martell and co. play as they did Friday night, that’s unlikely, though we’ll never know until we see them in action.