No. 11 Mountain Pointe (Ariz.) dominates in shutout victory

Kobe Armstrong celebrates Mountain Pointe's victory (Photo: Ben Moffat, AZCentral)

Kobe Armstrong celebrates Mountain Pointe’s victory (Photo: Ben Moffat, AZCentral)

A week after clobbering Preseason Super 25 team Chandler, No. 11 Mountain Pointe (Phoenix) delivered that message loud and clear Friday with a 56-0 thumping of Mesa Mountain View.

Mountain Pointe (4-0) wasn’t perfect by any means. It racked up 50 yards in penalties in the first half, and senior quarterback Noah Grover had two interceptions in the red zone in the first half. But things like that seem minor when the defense doesn’t let the opposing team past the 50-yard line until midway through the third quarter.

“We were kind of flat, I thought,” Mountain Pointe coach Norris Vaughan said. “We didn’t get the push we normally get up front. I was disappointed in that. We had a couple of turnovers that were uncharacteristic, but we played great defense.”

It also didn’t hurt that Mountain Pointe had Jaydon Brooks on its side, either.

Brooks opened the scoring with 76-yard punt return for a touchdown before the Mountain Pointe offense even touched the ball. Brooks also caught an 18-yard touchdown pass midway through the second quarter to give Mountain Pointe a 35-0 lead at halftime and tallied a third touchdown on a 32-yard scamper from the quarterback position in the fourth quarter.

“My favorite of the three was the punt return,” Brooks said. “It’s so fun watching my teammates as I come around the corner. They’re all looking at me and looking out for whoever is going to get me. I just feel safe.”

About the only time Brooks and Mountain Pointe didn’t feel safe was during warmups. Even with a running clock starting with five minutes left in the third quarter, Mountain View (3-1) still struggled to stop Mountain Pointe’s high-octane offense, forcing fourth down once – and that was late in the fourth quarter.

“The big thing we preached all week was try to play 48 minutes,” Fell said. “I felt that we were not at their level. They won every battle – offense, defense, special teams – I think they beat us in warm-ups. It was real simple. We got beat by a better football team.”

Along with the three touchdowns by Brooks, Grover was 13 of 19 through the air for 172 yards and three touchdowns, while Gary Bragg had 19 carries for 148 yards and two touchdowns to lead Mountain Pointe’s rushing attack.

“Tonight, we kind of worked on a lot of things,” Vaughan said. “Our defense was pretty good.”



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