Ore. athletes reject idea of sexualized locker room talk, pose for picture in 'Wild Feminist' shirts

A group of Centennial High School (Gresham, Ore.) athletes are standing up against the notion that locker room conversation typically includes bragging about sexual assault, as one presidential candidate suggested a couple weeks back.

“Not once have I said or heard anything like what Donald Trump considered ‘locker room talk’ while in a locker room,” basketball player Majax Nduta told The Oregonian. “The shirt represents that sexual assault is not locker room banter, and I truly take a stand for that.”

The shirts are from a Portland-based company—WildFang—which contacted the school to make the photo happen. It has since gone viral, with a Facebook post being shared over 12,000 times.

“I don’t think he gets to speak on behalf of all men,” CEO and founder of the company Emma McIlroy told the paper. “What you’re talking about is sexual assault and not locker room banter at all.”

McIlroy went on to discuss the role of young men in the feminist movement, saying that it’s their duty to stand up against such talk and behavior.