Pa. quarterback Tyler Collier goes against defense coached by his dad, a former NFL defensive lineman

yler Collier, Chambersburg football (Photo: Markell DeLoatch,

Chambersburg (Pa.) first-year starter Tyler Collier has shown poise in the pocket, despite being only a sophomore with just a few games under his belt.

But Friday, Collier was going up against a whole new kind of opponent – his dad.

Collier’s father, Ron Johnson, a former defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, is also the defensive line coach for Red Lion, which Chambersburg played Friday for the first time in more than a decade.

“It was a little weird at first being on the opposite sideline, and him coaching for the opposite team,” Collier said. “I knew the defensive line was going to be a challenge because they have a lot of experience, and I knew it was going to be a tough game.”

“The buildup to the game was very nerve-wracking,” Johnson said, “perparing for it, and looking at his film, knowing we were going to have to figure out a game plan to stop his offense. It was kind of weird and stressful.

“Early on I joked with the line about playing (Collier), but I told them this game is special for me and my son, but it’s normal business for them.”

Johnson and the Red Lion defense held Collier to just 48 passing yards, and pushed him back minus-5 yards on two rush attempts.

“I know how he teaches his defensive ends, and how far they come up the field,” Collier said, “they did a very good job containing the pocket, so I wasn’t able to run. They forced me to stay in the pocket and I was kind of expecting that.”