Paralyzed Patrick Henry (Ohio) football alum returns for coin flip


On Friday nights across the country, high school football teams are not lacking in motivation when they take the field.

Sometimes the most memorable moments, outside of what play was called on third-and-6 as time wound down, are part of what makes Friday nights so special across the country.

Patrick Henry (Ohio) High School had one of those moments when it hosted rival Liberty Center in Hamler. Returning to the field on which he had starred was 2012 Patrick Henry alum Lucas “Luke” Rosebrook, who served as honorable captain on this night,  according to Toledo’s WTVG TV.

Rosebrook was a fullback and linebacker who played three years of varsity and served as a captain his senior year. According to the Northwest Signal, Rosebrook was in a car accident on June 14, 2012. He sustained major physical injuries, including brain injuries, and has been in rehabilitation since and uses special eye technology to communicate.

Wearing his No. 2 jersey and holding a football, Rosebrook flipped the coin to start the game and was helped out of his wheelchair to stand up and wave to the crowd. Jordan Burdue was one of those friends who was by Rosebrook’s side.

“He’s a warrior and he wants to get better everyday,” Burdue told Toledo’s WTVG. “It’s the football mentality instilled in him. He’s very resilient and very tough.”

With Rosebrook cheering his team on, Patrick Henry pulled out the 20-14 victory. A memorable night, indeed.