Pay to Play: The high cost of youth sports

Video: The high cost of youth sports
Athletic directors talk about the expenses involved in youth sports outside of high school and the potential for college scholarship money.
Youth sports: Yankees Manager Joe Girardi
New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi discusses his view on youth sports and young athletes specializing in specific sports.
Video: Inside elite AAU Basketball
Elite high school basketball players compete in the Nike-sponsored Elite Youth Basketball League, where college coaches from across the country watch perspective players.
Video: Specialization and injury risks
High school athletic directors discuss the trend of athletes specializing in a single sport at a young age.
Video: High school coach vs. league coach
Athletic directors discuss parents’ involvement in youth sports travel leagues.
Video: One athlete’s positive results of extra training
Josh Schultz, a lacrosse goalie from Tarrytown, wanted a competitive edge as he prepared for college. His father, Clifford, was reluctant, but after seeing the results, is on board with the extra training.
Video: Soccer player on prepping for college
Tatiana Cruz, a Suffern soccer player, explains how playing club soccer gives her an edge for college. Her father, Victor, agrees.
Video: Junior golfer learns from her father
Kyra Cox, a junior golfer from South Salem, and her father, Keith, talk about the coaching process and Kyra’s performance on the golf course for Pay to Play, a lohud series on youth sports.