Penguins Re-Sign Schultz, Cullen

The Pittsburgh Penguins re-sign Matt Cullen and Justin Schultz to one year contracts.

The Pittsburgh Penguins want to keep the depth of their team next season by re-signing Justin Schultz and Matt Cullen to one-year contracts.  Schultz took nearly a third of his salary he was making last year just to play with the Penguins for another year. Schultz is making quite the statement by wanting to play with the Pens for another year by only agreeing for a third of his salary from last year.  Matt Cullen said that he definitely wanted to play another season in the NHL however, the Pens waited a little while to sign him during the off season because they may have had different plans. In the end, both Schultz and Cullen were signed to one year contracts.  Students from Chartiers Valley High School were interviewed on their thoughts about the deals.

Michael Guido, (grade 11) “Schultz is making a statement by signing with the Penguins for a third of the salary he was making. He’s a good player and I’m glad that we have him back for another year.”

Sean Mccrerey, (grade 12) “Re signing Cullen was a really good idea for the Pens. He is an experienced veteran that the Pens could use in the locker room and on the ice. I’m happy to see the Pens sign him for another year.”

The defending cup champions pre-season will start toward the end of September with nearly everybody on last year’s Stanley Cup winning roster. The Penguins will look to repeat as Stanley Cup champions for the first time since the Detroit Red Wings did in the late 1990’s.  As Mike Sullivan said during the Penguins Stanley Cup victory parade, “Let’s do this again next year.”


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