Player Profile: Nate Keifner

In a second period accounting class, you’ll see Nathan Keifner, an offensive lineman on the football team. Keifner, or just simply Keif, is a hulking 6’2 and 275 pounds, and towers over his fellow students. Hi statue-like physique intimidates his fellow colleagues, and he welcomes it.

“I like being the tallest, ya know?” Keif said. “Being tall allows me to ride all the rides at Kennywood,” he said with a slight chuckle.

Keif, who some said was the anchor of the offensive line this year, injured his left leg in a scrimmage, tearing everything except for his LCL. Keif will be unable to play for the next 12 months, which means he is done for this football season. And with him being a senior, he may never play football again. However, he says he regrets nothing.

“If it is the end, I regret nothing, and know that I put everything out there every Friday night and had the time of my life,” he continued saying “I will carry the memories of putting on that Colts jersey and will tell my kids about it for sure.”

Keifner says he would like to continue being a part of football after his high school career comes to an end in May. Keifner says he may want to continue playing in college, but, if the opportunity does not present itself, he may want to look into coaching at the high school level.

“You know I think it would be a lot of fun,” he also said “you know I love football, and I hope I can be apart of it for a long time after high school.”

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