Recruiting Tip: Are you really being recruited?

Recruiting Tip: Are you really being recruited?

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Recruiting Tip: Are you really being recruited?

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The college recruiting process can be confusing and frustrating. Mixed messages from your parents, your current coach and sometimes from college coaches make it difficult to know if you’re a top prospect, you’ve just been noticed, or if you’re not being recruited at all. To really know what to do next, you have to know where you stand in the process. Here’s a guide to help you determine where you stand in the college recruiting process:

You are not being recruited yet if:

  • You receive information from college admission offices. Well, you are actually being recruited to become a student at those schools, but not a student-athlete.
  • You get invited to a camp. The primary purpose of camps is to make money for the school and 99 percent of the attendees are not on the school’s “short list” of scholarship candidates.
  • A college coach “views” your profile on a recruiting website. You don’t want them to glance at your profile, you want them to call!
  • If a college coach is at one of your games. College coaches show up to watch specific athletes. You will know if they are there to watch you.

You’ve been noticed, but you are not being recruited yet if:

  • You receive a letter or email from a college coach asking you to fill out a recruiting questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire, but you still need to close the deal.
  • Your current coach gets an email or phone call about you from a college coach. They are at least interested.
  • You receive a letter or email that a coach plans to “keep up with you”. If this happens, you are getting closer to being a recruited, but you’re not there yet.
  • You receive a response to an email or message you sent to a coach. Don’t get too excited, there’s still work to do.

You are being recruited if:

  • College coaches are calling you at home, or are communicating with you on a regular basis.
  • A college coach comes to one of your games to specifically see you play.
  • You are asked to go on an official visit. Official visits are only given to recruits they are truly interested in.

Now that you know where you stand, you either need to get the process started, move the process along or decide which school is right for you!


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