San Antonio students walk out in support of AD/football coach

The sudden departure of the football coach and athletic director from a San Antonio charter school inspired a sudden mass walk out by students and continued raw nerves about the conditions that led to his departure.

As reported by San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT and NBC affiliate WOAI, Brooks Academy football coach and athletic director Eric Hernandez was dismissed on Monday without any public explanation for his ouster, let alone why it happened in the middle of the 2016 football season.

That lack of transparency inspired more than 100 students at the science and technology focused campus to walk out of classes and protest Hernandez’s departure with the dual hopes that he would A) return or, at least B) they’d be given more explicit information about why he had to leave.

The school administration said they would provide more details about Hernandez’s departure in the coming days, but stressed that students should focus on their education until a more appropriate time emerges to discuss the circumstances surrounding Hernandez. That directive wasn’t sufficient for some, including parent Betsy Rosado.

“This coach is amazing,” Rosado told KSAT. “He’s done so much for our kids, and for the school to let him go, I’m not for it. And that’s why I support what these kids are doing.

“This athletic program is what’s helping this school get bigger. Our enrollment, it’s everything. And if you’re going to go and take the coaches off, what’s going to happen to the school?”