Should Gum be Sold in School?

Every student here at Chartiers Valley High School hears this question at least once every day: “do you have any gum?”  It is true.  Some students feel the need to constantly be chewing on something, such as gum.  “I always like to have a piece of gum in my mouth.  It relieves stress,” senior Ahmed Albugami tells on how he likes to chew gum.

“Sometimes it can be very difficult to find gum,” junior Zachary Thomas explains.  “Some people can be selfish and do not like to share their gum.  And honestly, I understand that because sometimes gum can be expensive.”

Now comes the big question: should gum be sold by the school?  Would it be allowed?  Could it make a profit?  How would they sell it?  Where would it be sold?

Nate Johnson says, “I would only buy it if it were sold in individual pieces.  Not in packs.  That would be too expensive for me.”

With the new rule that the snack shack closes up shop at eight o’clock, the gum may not be able to be sold in there.  It could be sold in the vending machines.  There are many different possibilities.

Junior Samantha Crivaro tells us, “I would buy the individual pieces of gum if they offered it for a price around fifty cents.  It probably would not be worth it if it cost any more than that.”

In conclusion, from shown statistics, majority of students would prefer if gum were sold in the school.  The school could make a profit from doing so.  Hopefully this will happen!


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