Texas coaching legend Randy Allen has the best hat in the business

Highland Park football coach Randy Allen is a coaching legend. In 18 seasons at the helm of the Scots, he’s lost just 10 regular season football games. Ten. He has 350 career victories (as of Friday), and he’s developed a number of terrific athletes, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford not least among them.

As he ushers in a new era for the Scots quarterbacked by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ grandson John Stephen Jones, Allen is the constant in Highland Park. And the constant on Randy Allen is a terrific hat.

The Highland Park coach uses a black hat straight out of legendary Cowboys owner Tom Landry’s locker at each game. He alternates that with a similar white hat at practices. There is always a hat, and it’s always spectacular.

Want to see “the hat” in action? Here you go:

Yes, he does take the hat off, if he has to, when he’s inside:

And wait, is that Tom Landry? Oh wait. Never mind:

The man, the myth, the legend. Cometh the hat, cometh the man, and Allen just keeps coming, win after win.