Opiniong: The Problems With Elderly People Driving.

Should there be an age limit on driving?

By: Alexis Turner

Have you ever been behind a car that was driving extremely slow? You’re so eager to get in front of that car, then when you finally do, you realize is was an elderly person? Driving can be a very stressful thing, and having people on the road that can’t drive makes it worse

It is true that having an age limit on driving would end up taking away older people who are perfectly fine freedom to drive. Having an age limit on driving will ensure safer driving, and will eliminate simple accidents that could have been avoided. As you get older your eyesight and intuition is not as good as it used to be, which can negatively impact  other drivers.    Image result for elderly people driving

Many drivers are impatient, and just want to simply get where they need to go. So slow drivers would clearly get in the way of that. Many slow drivers tend to be older people. I can recall many times when i have been behind someone driving slow, and it turned out to be an elderly person. Ughh!! When someone is 65 or older their eyesight tends to diminish. Maybe a solution to the problem is to renew your licenses every 2 years to ensure safe, but timely driving. Another solution is to just simply legalize no one being able to drive at the age of 75 and older.

Another very concerning issue of elderly people driving is that many cause accidents. This could be due to the fact that their intuition/judgement and reflects are as sharp as when they first got their licenses. I have seen an experience like this before.

Last week when i was out 2 ladies got their car hit by a man, who was trying to get into a very very small parking space. It turns out it wasn’t a parking space at all. It was just a very small space between 2 cars. I then seen a very elderly man with a cane slowly getting in the car. Come to find out that very elderly man that could barely walk was the one who caused the accident.

This shows the dangers of older people driving and how even though some may see it as taking away their right or freedom to drive, it is something that needs to be done to ensure the safety of not only them, but the drivers around them as well.

About the author:  Alexis Turner, a life long resident of dc is a dedicated senior at Cesar Chavez High School. She is an advocate for social change. She likes Fashion and one day hopes to style celebrities.