The starting QB for L.A. Lincoln was a DL who never threw a pass before 2016

Sometimes the biggest stars can be found by the strangest twists of luck. Take the starting quarterback for Los Angeles Lincoln, for instance.

Lincoln, which improved to 4-3 and a perfect 3-0 in the Northern League with a 33-27 win against crosstown rival Franklin on Friday, is on path to capture its first league title in more than 30 years. The biggest reason for the sudden success is quarterback Michael Cova, who played exclusive on the defensive line until this season, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As reported by the Times’ Eric Sondheimer, Cova was slotted in as a defensive lineman during his junior campaign (his first high school football season) in large part because of his 6-foot-1, 235-pound frame. He was successful there, too, but peaked the interest of his coach, Albert Carillo, when the longtime baseball player was tossing around a football in faux drills during the offseason.

The rest, as they say, is history. Cova has dropped 20 pounds to make himself a big lighter and more elusive in the backfield when he’s being chased by opposing defensive linemen. Most importantly, he has a very strong and accurate arm, completing nine of 15 passes for 158 yards in Lincoln’s signature victory against Franklin. If it continues, Cova’s days as a defensive lineman may long be an afterthought to what he contributed as the main man behind center.

“His arm is so strong on short routes the kids would duck and get out of the way,” Carrillo told the Times. “I just started working with him over the summer and he’s improved and improved.”