TLOP by Gus Deely

If Kanye is comparable to Picasso, then The Life of Pablo is the moment – after a turbulent life leaving many artistic revolutions and mistreated women in his wake – that the artist finally settles down. The Life of Pablo is, accordingly, the first Kanye West album that’s just an album: no major statements, no reinventions, no zeitgeist wheelie-popping. Kanye has been known to try and create something new with the coming of each of his major studio albums, but TLOP is just Kanye rapping like Kanye would.

It starts off slow with a choir singing of Ultra Light Beams referring to the heavens. Ultra Light Beams is a beautiful intro to Mr. West’s masterpiece. This lead into “Father Stretch My Hands pt. 1” which is one of the greatest songs of the year. Once you hear Future telling us that he will shoot you if you do not trust the songs producer Metro Boomin’ you know the the song is going to be great. This is lead up by “Pt. 2” the sequel to the previous track and it produces just as much as its older brother. It features the artist Desiigner and his breakout hit Panda. Following pt. 2 is ironically the most famous song on the album, “Famous,” which is mostly famous for his strange music video he created for it and the fact that he dissed the famous pop artist Taylor Swift. Afterwards is “Feedback” which is a decent song that is not necessarily memorable. “Low Lights” and “Highlights” are definitely the two two lowest points in the album and I personally skip every time I listen through the tape. After that the album has great songs such as “Waves,” “FML,” “30 Hours,” and the best song of all time “Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission” which takes the entire album to a 9.25/10; great album that is great to listen to if you have an hour of free time.

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