Utah football player stands up from wheelchair during anthem day after hernia surgery

A Utah football player has vaulted to national attention by honoring the flag by standing up from his wheelchair just 24 hours after undergoing hernia surgery.

As reported by Washington Fox affiliate KCPQ, Orem junior Carson Geddes stood up from his wheelchair to honor the flag, choosing to ignore the pain in the aftermath of hernia surgery that he had recently completed.

“Standing up was a little hard, so I had to lean on my wheelchair a little bit, definitely wasn’t feeling too good by the end of the song,” Geddes told KCPQ. “It was hurting pretty bad that night, right after surgery, so I didn’t feel too good. But I felt like I just should stand up, like that was the right thing to do.”

Geddes’ parents told KCPQ that they were not surprised by his insistence to stand during the anthem. Carson Geddes was described as “very patriotic,” and a likely military ensign after he graduates from Orem. For now, he’s a walking testament to national patriotism, and a teen counterbalance to so many others who have decided to act on their right to take a knee when the anthem is played before games.