VIDEO: 300-lb lineman scores on TD pass in Oklahoma title game

When two teams combine to score 100 points, every touchdown matters. That’s precisely what makes Carter Hoopingarner’s score so remarkable.

Hoopingarner is a beefy offensive lineman for Tulsa Union, but he will also go down in history as the scorer of his team’s second touchdown in a 57-43 Oklahoma state title game victory against Norman North. The 6-foot-5, 300-pounder lined up as a tackle eligible player on a fourth down in the red zone, then slipped out into the flat undetected, took a short pass behind the line of scrimmage and rumbled — truly rumbled — into the end zone to regain the lead for Union.

The scoring play made for one of the most indelible images from a weekend of state championships and semifinals, not to mention from one of the weekend’s more exciting, offensive-minded games.

Hoopingarner had a major part setting the tone for that, both in his traditional role up front and, at least once, catching the ball out of the backfield like an impromptu running back.

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