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VIDEO: Kristaps Porzingis embarrassed youngster who cried when he was drafted

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

A video posted by Jordan The Crying Knicks Fan (@cryingknicksfan) on

Note to the internet: Don’t diss Kristaps Porzingis. He’ll eventually embarrass you in the rudest way possible.

That’s what a young man named Jordan learned the hard way. Jordan (last name undisclosed) is more widely recognized as “crying Knicks fan” for his reaction to New York’s selection of Porzingis in the 2015 NBA Draft. Of course, Porzingis went on to finish as the runner-up in the Rookie of the Year voting after authoring a true breakout season with the Knicks.

Now, in the final month of the offseason, Porzingis was hosting a youth basketball camp in the New York area when he found himself matched up in a one-on-one drill against Jordan. You can tell where this drill was going, but we’ll let you play “Choose Your Own Adventure” anyway. Did Jordan:

A) Hit a deep trey over Porzingis’ outstretched hand?

B) Drop Porzingis with an Allen Iverson-esque shake-and-bake en route to a layup?

C) Get blocked absolutely mercilessly by the NBA phenom?

If you guessed C, well, you’re right. Your prize is precisely nothing because that’s the easiest multiple-choice question of all-time. Porzingis is a beast, whether he’s guarding Roy Hibbert or Jordan (the little one, not His Airness).