VIDEO: NYC WR Amad Anderson made another ridiculous TD catch

Amad Anderson did it again!

A week after Anderson stole national headlines with a viral, Odell Beckham-one-upping catch and scoot for a touchdown (that included a hurdle!), the Curtis High wideout scored another jaw dropping touchdown against Brooklyn’s Grand Street Campus on the one-handed catch and lunge forward to the end zone you see above.

At this point, Anderson delivering an awe-inspiring touchdown shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s more a matter of how he’s going to deliver it.

More importantly, will some recruiting service please update this kid’s rating? There’s no way he’s a three-star recruit. He’s making absurd plays, week-in and week-out, regardless of the competition he’s facing. If James Franklin wants to keep building on his success at Penn State, he could do a lot worse than turning his interest in Anderson into a full-fledged scholarship offer.