VIDEO: Receiver's circus catch comes at perfect time for Pennsylvania football team

There are incredible catches, and then there are incredible catches that happen when the game is on the line. The perfect marriage of circumstance, skill and a bit of luck came together on Friday night in Nanticoke, Pa.

With time ticking down and Pittston Area (Pa.) High School trailing host Greater Nanticoke High School, 27-20, Pittston Area’s Kevin Krawczyk made a play that he’ll never forget. Quarterback Walter Coles threw the ball over the middle to Krawczyk, who missed it initially. The ball then went through the hands of several defenders, eventually settling back into the receiver’s hands. Without hesitation, Krawczyk high-tailed it to the end zone, cutting the deficit to 27-26 with 53 seconds to play.

Of course, the Patriots still needed the two-point conversion to get the win. No problem for Coles.

That scamper, followed by an interception, sealed the 28-27 victory. Pittston Area may have improved to just 2-6 with the win, but this victory will be one its players will be talking about for many years to come.