VIDEO: S.C. WR Tiyon Evans pulls down potential catch of the year on TD

There are precious few high school athletes capable of producing the kind of electric highlights that would turn the head of even a senior NFL star receiver like Steve Smith or Dez Bryant. We’re betting both of those Pro Bowlers, alongside catch-maker du jour Odell Beckham would be pretty floored by the highlight you see above.

That’s Hartsville, S.C. sophomore wide receiver Tiyon Evans elevating while falling backwards in the end zone to make a stunning touchdown grab … with his off hand. You can also catch a second close-up view of the play at the 1:05 mark in the video at the bottom, below.

It’s hard to know where to start with the impressive factors about Evans’ scoring play. Is it his ability to make a one-handed grab with his weaker hand? Is it the fact that he did so while falling backwards? Is it his impeccable spacial awareness on the field to know that he was right at the front pylon? Was it the visual effect of his helmet flying off after he made impact with the turf? Heck, is it the fact that he’s still in the midst of just his second high school football season?

You can pick any of those factors, or the simple fact that Evans’ catch was one of two that proved the difference in a 28-14 Hartsville victory against league rival Lugoff-Elgin. As noted by MaxPreps, it’s going to take something for Evans to top that grab in the remainder of his prep career.