VIDEO: Say hello to the 7-foot-1, 400-pound football player in New York

Some offensive and defensive linemen of upstate New York can now say they have come in contact with a real-life giant.

Meet Brave Williams, the 7-foot-1, 400-pound senior who plays for Lake Shore High School in Angola, New York.

“I’ve been bigger than everybody my entire life,” Williams told MaxPreps. “In kindergarten, I was already 5-3 and towered over everyone.”

If he was the height of the average American in kindergarten, Williams has spent the last decade-plus far surpassing those totals. The senior now stands at 7-foot-1 and 400 pounds. As you can tell from the video above, his football talent is still raw.

“I attended a football camp at the University of Buffalo last year and coach Jeff Quinn (now an offensive analyst for Notre Dame), said he’d like to have me on the team,” Williams told MaxPreps. “I haven’t been in contact with him since last year, though. But I’d like to obtain a football or basketball scholarship from Buffalo, Penn State or Syracuse.”

Per the MaxPreps piece, Williams started playing football just three years ago and has been on the varsity squad the past two seasons. He started three games last fall at nose tackle and made three tackles. In the weight room, he gets after it, squatting as much as 1,000 pounds three times and bench presses of 200 pounds 20 times.

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Football-wise, Williams might not be up quite at the level where, say, John Krahn, who is now attending prep school and losing weight in hopes of a college scholarship. But needless to say, those lining up across from Brave have to channel their own bravery.


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