VIDEO: Texas JV punt returner wiggles out of every tackle on way to end zone

As a punt returner, the odds are immediately stacked against you once you begin by running into your own teammate. Belton (Texas) High School returner Denver Holman defied those massive odds against him on this 74-yard touchdown jaunt during a junior varsity game at Waco’s Midway High School.

Watch as Holman receives the punt, gets off to an awkward start, then escapes one or two tackles before eluding every other defender before finding daylight and galloping to the end zone. One Midway player pulls on Holman’s jersey, thinks that has done the trick, then continues to watch as Holman runs away from the pack.

And, to borrow from legendary retired broadcaster Keith Jackson,  Holman’s only a soph-o-more. He could have a few more tricks up his sleeve before his high school career is complete.