VIDEO: Texas team breaks years-long winless streak to rival with 61-yard Hail Mary for win

R.L. Turner High in Carrollton, Texas had not topped area rival Newman Smith since 2004. It appeared that was going to be the case until at least 2017 with 11 seconds remaining. Instead, what transpired could only be described as equal parts magic and perhaps overdue karma.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, after completing only three passes to that point, Turner found itself trailing 18-15 at its own 39-yard-line with 11 seconds left. There was no time for Turner to complete a mid-range pass, rush to the line and attempt a game-tying field goal; Turner had to win it from 61-yards away. That left quarterback Justin Eichorn to get a ball all the way downfield, or at least far enough downfield that his receiver could do damage of his own in the open field.

Incredibly, that’s precisely what unfolded, with Eichorn’s pass hitting wide receiver Jason Guerin in stride at the Newman Smith 25-yard-line. From there it was a footrace that Guerin was never going to lose, the receiver cruising into the end zone with fewer than three seconds remaining.

Naturally, questions will be asked about the Newman Smith secondary that allowed Guerin to beat it deep in the final 15 second of a critical game. Others may rightfully wonder why Guerin hadn’t successful in a similar capacity earlier in the game. After all, if he had, the entire contest might not have been poised on such a knife’s edge.

Regardless of hypotheticals, the pass was perfect, the route was perfect and the final result was sweet for Turner, which had certainly had enough of being no the wrong side of the scoreboard in the “Battle of Josey Lane.”