VIDEO: Texas WR Taye Britt made the same grab as OSU's Noah Brown, and he did it first

Midland Lee is a traditional Texas power that is in the midst of a rocky season. With a 1-3 record, the Rebels will need an excellent run for the rest of the season to earn a playoff berth. Yet, no matter what happens in terms of final score, Lee has already ensured that this year’s team will have a spot on season-ending highlight compilations because of a catch made by wide receiver Taye Britt.

In a play that eerily resembled the much-ballyhooed grab made by Ohio State receiver Noah Brown against Oklahoma on Saturday, Britt somehow came down with a desperation pass in the end zone, all while landing on his keister. Lee quarterback Sema’J Davis scrambled for his life all around the backfield before letting rip with a deep ball that reached the end zone just as Britt did. Unfortunately, so did the cornerback for Lubbock Monterey, who seemed to have blocked Britt from the ball entirely.

As it turns out, he wasn’t blocked off entirely, which became clear when the ball wound up in Britt’s hands behind the defensive back’s beck.

Britt’s catch turned out to be a near carbon copy of instant SportsCenter catch made by Ohio State wide receiver Noah Brown Saturday against Oklahoma, except that it was actually Noah Brown’s catch that was a copy of Britt’s, as the Lee star made his play a day earlier.

Needless to say, the catch was one of the season’s most otherworldly this season, nationwide. It wasn’t enough to earn Lee a victory — Monterey won, 51-24 — but it was enough to ensure that we’ll be seeing it over-and-over for the rest of football season.