VIDEO: Tumwater tops Wash. power Bellevue with wild Hail Mary

This has not been Bellevue’s year.

Long a national power, the Wolverines are facing a year in playoff exile. There is no coach Bruce Goncharoff, and the team is facing an 0-1 start to the season for the first time in memory.

That last factor is particularly galling for traditional Bellevue fans, who expect to win every game, no matter who they are playing, nationwide. As it turns out, the story behind the 15-14 Tumwater victory is even more notable than the scoreline itself.

Tumwater scored the decisive points in a 15-13 victory on a Hail Mary from quarterback Noah Andrews with just 2 seconds remaining. Here’s how The Olympian described the dramatic final play:

“… quarterback Noah Andrews rolled to his left, slightly off-balance, and heaved a prayer into a crowded end zone. Cade Otton leaped, surrounded by several Bellevue defenders, and hauled in the 26-yard pass as time expired. …

“I thought they improvised really well, because we usually do that play to the right. He put it up there, and the big guy latched it out of the sky.”

That’s a pretty accurate appraisal of everything that goes down in the video you see above. Not that Bellevue fans need to see it again. There’s little doubt it will be etched on their memory for some time to come.