VIDEO: Watch 340-pound Jhabias Johnson take snaps at QB for Bluffton's jumbo package

There are jumbo packages and there is the lineup put together by Bluffton football coach Ken Cribb put together.

As noted by the Island Packet and found on video by MaxPreps, South Carolina school Bluffton fielded an offensive backfield that included 340-pound lineman Jhabias Johnson and 265-pound defensive end Tyler Lindo simultaneously. As you can see in the video above, Johnson lined up as quarterback, took the snap and handed the ball to Lindo, for whom he could serve as a road-grading lead blocker. Johnson also kept the ball and barreled ahead for key yardage earlier on the drive as well.

Yes, this is the same Jhabias Johnson who squatted a state-record 755 pounds back in March. He is very large, and very strong.

The lineup resulted in Bluffton’s first touchdown in a wild 25-22 rivalry victory, a result which might even lead to more usage of the William Refrigerator Perry-styled set up in the weeks ahead. There’s good news and bad news there for Bluffton fans. The bad news is that future foes will know what’s coming. The good news? Given Johnson and Lindo’s size, they still shouldn’t be able to stop it.