78 free throws? Eight technical fouls? Crazy playoff game in Pa.

78 free throws? Eight technical fouls? Crazy playoff game in Pa.


78 free throws? Eight technical fouls? Crazy playoff game in Pa.

Most “pace of play” discussions are held in regards to baseball.

Anybody in the Garden Spot (New Holland, Pa.) gym for Thursday night’s PIAA Class 6A second round game between Carlisle and Lincoln (Philadelphia) are likely still holding their own talks about a game plodding along.

In a contest that according to PennLive.com featured a whopping eight technical fouls – seven by Lincoln – to go with 78 free throws, Carlisle came away with an 85-69 victory.

“It was crazy,” Carlisle player Nate Barnes told PennLive.com afterward. “We like to get into other teams’ heads, but it was about keeping our composure so that we were still allowed to win the game.”

“You just got to focus on the now and be smart and don’t get caught up in anything else that’s going on on their side,” Carlisle head coach Andre Anderson said. “You have to be smart. We had a couple mishaps, but with seniors, we did that for the most part. We didn’t stoop down to any of that negativity that was going on.”

According to Cumberlink.com, Lincoln was called for 38 fouls total in the contest. The Rail Splitters also had one coach and one player ejected from the game. As a result, Carlisle took 50 free throws, hitting 30 of them.

Carlisle, meanwhile, was called for 25 fouls.

“I felt like the clock wasn’t ticking at one point,” Anderson told Cumberlink.com. “I looked up, and it felt like we played an entire third quarter, and there was 5 minutes left on the clock. That just comes from us being content. You can’t get ahead like that and get content; you have to keep pushing that pedal down to the ground.

“We got into their game, started chipping with them, going back and forth. And we can’t do that. We’ve got to continue doing what we do, playing Carlisle basketball, not let them dictate what happens on the court. And we did that for a stretch there, but we’ll bounce back. Biggest thing about this is we came out with the W, and we’re advancing to the Elite Eight.”

Carlisle (20-8) will meet Emmaus in Saturday’s quarterfinals. If all goes as planned, those 32 minutes will go by quicker than these did in real time.


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