Alabama bill would put hard cap on football coach salaries

A bill making its way through the Alabama congress could place a limit on coaching salaries at 75 percent of the salary earned by the principal on the same school.

The new legislation, sponsored by a state representative from Gasden, aims to limit the excessive expense on coaching salaries by capping them relative to their principal counterparts. Such a move would insure the principals, the vanguard of academic growth and reputation, remain the highest paid individuals on any campus.

“Putting the cart before the horse and we want to make sure we put money into public education and athletics is important, but it is also secondary to the curriculum and teaching children,” Rep. Craig Ford told CBS affiliate WIAT.

The confirmation of the bill is still some way off, and will require the sign off of an education committee before both branches of state government. Still, the potential of a bill limiting the compensation of coaches in one state is sure to draw attention from others.

Maybe Alabama will be the trendsetting state that does inspire fiscal changes elsewhere in the middle of football country.