Army All-American Oliver Martin is already back in the pool, 3 days after Army Bowl

Oliver Martin is a rare double-athlete, starring in football and swimming. While his collegiate future rests in football at a destination to be determined, the U.S. Army All-American refused to give up his senior season on the swim team, and he didn’t waste any time in getting back in the pool once the Army Bowl was over.

On Tuesday night, Martin competed in a number of races for the Iowa City West swimming team. Shortly after hopping in the pool for the first time in days, he reportedly captured both the 50 and 100 freestyle in West’s 118-51 rout of Cedar Rapids Washington. Martin was one of just two individuals to win multiple events, with West also sweeping the relays at the event.

Rebounding from a major All-American game to compete in another sport entirely in the matter of 72 hours is nothing short of remarkable. Winning in that return is even more impressive.

There’s still plenty of swimming left for Martin, too, before he heads off to college to become a wide receiver at the next level. Something tells us Martin is going to go all out in his final laps of the pool, just as he did on Tuesday.

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