Softball umpire's horrendous call caught on video goes viral

A horrendous call in an Alabama high school softball game has gone viral after it was captured on video. As of midday Sunday, the video had been retweeted more than 6,600 times and counting.

The video shows Fultondale (Birmingham) sophomore Lindsey Harris clearly beating the throw to first. And we mean clearly. But she is called out.

According to The North Jefferson News, Harris remained on first while her coach argued the call to no avail.

Kayla Jasper, a senior at Fultondale who posted the video shot by a fan to Twitter, told the North Jefferson News that the umpire told Harris to return to the dugout and said, “Get off the bag so we can play ball.”

Fultondale would beat Minor (Adamsville) 19-8, but as Jasper put it, “We didn’t play our best, but it felt even better to win because of that umpire. He just wanted to go home.”