The Christian Brown Blog: Eyeing states, growing college list, 3.8 GPA and more

The Christian Brown Blog: Eyeing states, growing college list, 3.8 GPA and more

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The Christian Brown Blog: Eyeing states, growing college list, 3.8 GPA and more

A.C. Flora (Columbia, S.C.) forward Christian Brown is ranked No. 10 overall in the ESPN 25 and one of the most relentless motors of any player in the country, regardless of class. His versatility has drawn interest from the likes of Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Washington and many others. Last season he led the Falcons to their third-straight state title. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his intimate thoughts to his everyday life in a blog.

Christian Brown

What’s up guys, this is Christian Brown AKA The Dread Head Assassin; this is my first blog and it’s about everything that’s going on in my life so it’ll be interesting.

Check it out!

OK, well first with my season things are going pretty well.

We had a tough loss against Oak Hill recently. It was a sparring match because Oak Hill’s a great team with great players. I feel like we learned from that loss and we’re on a good run.

We locked up No. 1 in the region last week too!

I feel like I’ve been playing better this season. I’m starting to get double-doubles more consistently now. I’m just playing more physically around the boards, finishing plays and knocking down shots. I’m just playing with a lot of energy. Everything’s been clicking for me.

I stayed at No. 10 in the new ESPN rankings.

Hopefully this summer I’ll work my way up higher, but the only thing that I can control is how hard I play. That’s the only thing I focus on when I’m playing.

As far as my recruitment, schools can’t contact me directly until June, but my coaches have told me that the schools that talk to them the most about me is Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisville, UConn, Washington, Kansas, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, South Carolina, Texas, Western Kentucky, Florida, Florida State and a lot of other schools. I’m fortunate to have a lot of schools interested in me, but that just makes me want to go even harder.

I have two years left in high school so I’m not too serious about recruitment right now; plus I can’t even talk to the coaches yet. I’m just enjoying the process. I’m living in the now and not rushing the future at all.

I’m just having fun.

I’ve got all of my focus on high school ball trying to win a state title, but it’s crazy that AAU season is right around the corner.

Time is flying.

My team the Georgia Stars fell short last year and came in third place at Peach Jam. We took it as a learning experience and I know everyone will be ready to get back and win it all this year.

School is going great for me.

I’ve got a 3.8 GPA in all honors, AG classes. I’m on the International Bachelor’s track in school, which is basically a higher level of education. I’m very serious about academics.

I think Math or Social Studies would be my favorite subjects.

Right now I’m thinking I want to go into the field of medical science so I stay on top of things pretty well.

I recently watched this anime show called One-Punch Man and I was really in to it. I watched the whole season in one day. I had never really looked at anime like that before, but I loved it!

It’s kind of up my alley because growing up people called me a nerd because I played Pokemon. I just like stuff like that. My grandfather taught me how to play Chess so I’m in to that too. He’s a master Chess player and beats computers and things like that. I always get my mom in Chess though!

I have different taste in music than most people my age too. I grew up listening to jazz or slow songs; stuff like Kenny G or Marvin Gaye.

I’ve always had an old soul even from a young age, so I don’t always like the same type music my friends like.

I like to be different.

OK people, well again this is Christian Brown coming at you with my first blog.

I hope you liked it and I hope you’ll be back to check out my next one.

Stay tuned.

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The Christian Brown Blog: Eyeing states, growing college list, 3.8 GPA and more
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