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Coach of Chino Hills foe in LaMelo Ball's 92-point game: 'When it comes to sportsmanship and integrity I have the problem'

Los Osos boys basketball coach Dave Smith (Photo: LinkedIn)

Los Osos boys basketball coach Dave Smith (Photo: LinkedIn)

The basketball coach of the team which yielded 92 points to Chino Hills sophomore star LaMelo Ball has struck out at the Huskies’ lack of sportsmanship in their victory, all while admitting his team didn’t do a good enough job attempting to shut Ball down.

As reported by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Los Osos (Alta Loma, Calif.) head basketball coach Dave Smith spoke with the Daily Bulletin about Ball’s explosive evening and the Huskies’ approach that allowed the youngest Ball brother to maximize his scoring opportunities.

“I would never take anything away from what the kid did. (LaMelo Ball) is a great player and we didn’t stop him. The kid was doing what he was told to do,” Smith told the Daily Bulletin. “There are parts of the equation when it comes to sportsmanship and integrity where I have the problem. Things like their entire team rushing the court after a dunk. Things like stopping the clock with fouls in the last 30 seconds just so the kid can get more shots. Things like having other kids in the game and they’re told not to shoot and for them to just throw him the ball. That’s where I have the problem.”

Smith also has a problem with what the game has done to perceptions about his players’ ability.

“All they’re hearing is that they suck and they can’t guard anybody,” he told the Daily Bulletin. “Not that they scored more points against this team than anyone else has in two years. It seems with high school sports now we’re not sending the right messages.”

Instead, Smith has tried to emphasize the positives, including the team’s 123-point output against the Huskies its winning record (13-12) entering the final regular season game.

There’s virtually no possibility that Los Osos will have to face Chino Hills again this year, which means Smith can breathe easy … and begin scheming to stop Ball in 2017-18, when he will come to town again.