Dylan McCaffrey breaking new ground in his famous family at U.S. Army All-American Bowl

Dylan McCaffrey is breaking new ground in a family of athletes. (Photo: Jim Halley, USA Today Sports).

Dylan McCaffrey is breaking new ground in a family of athletes. (Photo: Jim Halley, USA Today Sports).

SAN ANTONIO — Dylan McCaffrey is 6-5 and 197, so he’s maybe a bit on the thin side, but the Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, Colo.) quarterback’s last name carries a lot of weight.

McCaffrey, who is headed to Michigan after he plays in Saturday’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl here, is the younger brother of Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, a former Army bowl player and second team USA TODAY All-American this season, and Max McCaffrey, a former Duke wide receiver who just made the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad. Their father is former NFL wide receiver Ed McCaffrey.

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“I definitely want to represent my last name well but that’s more of a hard-work atmosphere of what my parents taught me,” McCaffrey said. “It’s not really how I play. I play a completely different position, a completely different game than all of them. I want to play my best football all the time. That has nothing to do with my last name.”

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Dylan is a full-time quarterback, unlike Max, or Christian, whose only quarterback experience was throwing six passes in high school and in the Wildcat at Stanford. Ed McCaffrey didn’t have a lot of quarterback experience to draw from either.

“He said he played (quarterback) for two games,” Dylan McCaffrey said. “He went in and ran the triple option because the other quarterback went down or something.”

McCaffrey said he’s enjoyed the camaraderie at practice, even with the future Ohio State commits.

“In this situation, you try to be friendly,” McCaffrey said. “This is probably the last time we’re around each other like that. After that, it’s all business. In this game, most of the Ohio State players and I are on the same team, so we’re rooting for them.”

A bonus for the trip was a chance to see the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs beat the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday.

“I’ve been a Spurs fan growing up and I love Manu Ginobili, so it was great to see him play,” McCaffrey said.

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