Former Minn. girls soccer coach says she didn't know she had sex with 13-year-old

Rebecca Noonan (Photo: Anoka County Sheriff's Office)

Rebecca Noonan (Photo: Anoka County Sheriff’s Office)

A now-former Minnesota girls soccer coach has committed one of the most unique guilty pleas in memory by admitting to sex with a 13-year-old boy, but insisting she was too drunk or under the influence of drugs to be responsible for her actions.

As reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 33-year-old Rebecca Noonan pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct involving a 13-year-old boy related to an incident that took place in the boys suburban bedroom in the summer of 2014. Despite the plea, Noonan may be granted a reprieve should her case be dismissed via a stay of adjudication, which would allow her to allay the court’s fears by fulfilling requirements related to the sentence handed down to her.

If she accomplishes those requirements, her case could even be dismissed in connection with her Norgaard plea, which holds that a defendant was unable to recall his or her actions because of intoxication or amnesia.

“She has always maintained her innocence,” defense attorney Kirk Anderson told the newspaper. “It’s essentially an acquittal without the risk of a trial.”

A defense attorney has gone further, insisting there was minimal evidence connecting her with an act of sexual intercourse with the 13-year-old, with another of Noonan’s attorneys noting that his client was a longstanding friend of the alleged victim’s family.

Noonan began as an assistant coach at Champlin Park in 2007 and became had coach in 2012. Her contract as not renewed in July 2015 around the time that charges were filed, the school district said.