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Parents say black players harassed during Pa. high school basketball game

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. — Parents say black high school basketball players were targeted with racist chants during a game where the home team was celebrating “Hick Night.”

The parents said that Connellsville students yelled chants including “Build that wall!” and “Get them out of here!” at black Uniontown players during the first half of the game, especially when players were at the foul line.

“They are chanting it over and over again, and I don’t understand. What does Trump and ‘build the wall’ and ‘send them back’ have to do with a basketball game? That’s horrible,” parent Tasha Walton told

The Connellsville fans were sporting gear like camouflage baseball caps and flannel shirts with sleeves cut off as part of the theme night. At least one was holding a Donald Trump campaign sign.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

An assistant superintendent for the Connellsville school district says officials met with students to explain how their actions were perceived. David McDonald said the school has officially apologized to Uniontown.

Uniontown parents claim the harassment continued until halftime, but McDonald said the chants were immediately stopped.

Uniontown’s superintendent a statement, saying: “These types of actions have no place anywhere in our schools. It’s a sad reflection of what is occurring throughout the country and reactions such as this along with violent protests nationwide reflect a deep division in our society.”

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