Kansas has already lost one of its recent 4-star football recruits

Well, that was fast.

Just a week after Kansas burst onto the Class of 2018 recruiting stage with a series of high-profile commitments from Louisiana, at least one of the players has backed out of his commitment.

On Sunday evening, JaMarr Chase, the star Archbishop Rummel wide receiver, decided that he was not ready to be fully committed to the Jayhawks after all, instead re-opening his recruitment nearly a year before National Signing Day 2018.

Chase made the announcement on Twitter (where else?) and came about as close to an athlete throwing his/her parents under the bus as you’ll ever see, citing both his own inability to “make a rational decision when my emotions are involved” (sheesh, that doesn’t sound like a teen) and, “Making a decision about my future needs to be a family decision, and I have to make sure that my family is on the same page.”

Where Chase goes from here is uncertain, though there is plenty of scuttlebutt that LSU may play a major factor in his eventual destination. The Tigers have not officially extended Chase a scholarship offer, and he was previously recruited by a pair of coaches who controversially departed just after National Signing Day. That means the Tigers will have to start over in Chase’s recruitment, all while other SEC and Big 12 programs are working hard to land him.

The Jayhawks will almost certainly be a factor, which in itself would have been a surprise weeks ago. Now? It might even be a disappointment for some Kansas fans, not to mention Jayhawks coach David Beaty himself.