Lake Zurich (Ill.) hazing case finally inspires resignation of AD, football coach and assistant

Lake Zurich football coach David Profitt was suspended from the team's playoff game (Photo: Twitter screen shot)

Lake Zurich football coach David Profitt was suspended from the team’s playoff game (Photo: Twitter screen shot)

It’s been nearly three months since dark and murky allegations of hazing first emerged against Lake Zurich’s football program. On Thursday, the other shoe finally dropped.

The initial concerns about the Lake Zurich program came in early November, when head coach David Proffitt and assistant Chad Beaver were mysteriously placed on leave two days after the team was eliminated from the state playoffs. Further, the conditions that Lake Zurich coaches made players sign on to before competing in that final playoff game sparked additional speculation, though there was never confirmation of what sparked the Lake Zurich staff’s actions.

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Whatever it was, it has now apparently led to the downfall of Lake Zurich’s football power structure, with athletic director Rolando Vazquez, Proffitt and Beaver all resigning on Thursday just as they could have been at risk of a traditional dismissal.

While the exact details of the Lake Zurich case are yet to be discussed, the Chicago Tribune reported that redacted reports of the findings noted that Lake Zurich was investigating alleged sexual abuse within the football program.

Perhaps those findings brought back enough information that the positions of Proffitt, Beaver and even Vazquez were no longer tenable. Now the school has to search for three critical members of its athletic department, all while continuing to deliberate whether any more must be done to deal with the incidents that unfolded in the fall 2016 season.