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Louisiana man charged with threatening to bomb middle school over dispute with girls hoops coach

Terry Fishcer was accused of assaulting a referee (Photo: Twotter

Terry Fisher was accused of assaulting a referee (Photo: Twitter)

A Louisiana man has been charged with a string of threats after an altercation with a middle school girls basketball coach.

As reported by Louisiana ABC affiliate KATC, 41-year-old Terry Fisher was booked on the following laundry list of charges:

  • Assault on a School Teacher;
  • Unlawful Disruption of the Operation of a School;
  • Criminal Damage to Property over $500;
  • Communicating of False Information of Planned Bombing on School Property, at a School Function, or in a Firearm-free Zone;
  • Contempt of Court

The entire crop of charges stems from an argument with the girls basketball coach at the unnamed Rapides Parish middle school, related to the man’s daughter. According to KATC, “Fisher slammed his hands down on a rolling cart, breaking a Plexiglass top. He also allegedly told the coach he would ‘bomb this school.'” The argument was loud enough that members of the girls basketball team reportedly expressed concerns about the coach’s safety to other school officials.

Fisher has since been booked and is behind bars at the Rapides Parish Detention Center, where he is awaiting trial pending a $65,500 bail charge. There has been no word about the status of the student athletes in question in the aftermath of the incident.