No. 1 recruit Najee Harris doesn't plan public announcement of college choice

The unique recruiting process of No. 1 overall player Najee Harris will have an equally unique ending.

Harris, in San Antonio for Saturday’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl, reiterated Tuesday that he doesn’t plan to make a public announcement as to whether he will enroll at Alabama or Michigan next week, according to multiple reports. Instead, he plans to leave the Army Bowl and head to college.

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While friendly and joking with news reporters after practice, the running back from Antioch (Calif.) declined to be interviewed beyond that.

The comments are similar to what Harris — a first-team American Family Insurance ALL-USA player — told before arriving in Texas.

“I’m still committed to Alabama, but I will know for sure by Saturday where I’m going to go,” Harris told Scout.  “I’m not going to announce anything during the game or anything like that.  I’ll just know where for sure I’m going.  I know I’m going from San Antonio to college.”

In an era of elaborate commitment videos and announcement plans, Harris shuns all of it.

He has no Twitter account. He uses Instagram, leading to all sorts of speculation, including when he began following a bunch of Michigan players and then when he wore a Jordan Brand Michigan shirt on Christmas Day.

When asked about his plans throughout the season, he primarily said his commitment was to Antioch High School with the exception of a few interviews.

Harris told 247Sports on Monday that he still considers himself an Alabama commit but said he remained undecided.

As for his communication with the Alabama and Michigan staffs, Harris said, “I talk to both of them. I don’t call them. I’m not worried about it. I’m doing workouts 100 percent. They always bug me in the workouts. I’ll tell them, ‘Hold up, I’m trying to work out.’ Both schools have been busy lately ’cause the games. Whatever free time they get, they’ll talk to me, but it’s quick.”

Meanwhile, Harris’ brother apparently tweeted that he hopes Najee goes to Michigan.


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Indeed as his brother said, "go where you can play". You can build your legend, if you do well, but, you have to play to shine. IF 'Bama is loaded at your position, you'll sit, and the same with the other school.  It sounds like he'll do well, wherever he goes. The list of top running backs from California isn't weak.