Nike EYBL: Emmitt Williams’ motor is taking him to new heights this summer

Emmitt Williams' motor never stops on the court. (Photo: Nike)

Nike EYBL: Emmitt Williams’ motor is taking him to new heights this summer


Nike EYBL: Emmitt Williams’ motor is taking him to new heights this summer

EMERSON, Ga. – It’s not that Emmitt Williams is saying you’ve got to abandon all hope or halt your pursuit of arguably the most important skill in basketball, but if you weren’t born with the proverbial motor, then “it’s just not gonna be the same as someone who was.”

“I just think that type of thing is God-given,” said Williams, who scored 12 points and grabbed seven rebounds in E1T1’s (Fla.) 77-69 win over Boo Williams (Va.) Friday night at the Nike EYBL in Emerson, Ga. “I take pride in the fact that I go hard every time I’m on the court. It’s just natural to me. I came from nothing. I always had to work hard for everything I’ve gotten in life so basketball is no different. I’m just trying to take it up another level now.”

Mission accomplished.

Last EYBL session in Indianapolis Williams averaged 22.8 point, 14.8 rebounds and two assists per game. He finished off his dominant showing in Indy with a 30-point, 21-rebound performance in an overtime win over Team Melo (Md.).

Compare that to a year ago when Williams was only averaging 10 points and seven rebounds a game in the EYBL and it’s clear that his plan to end his summer circuit career on a dominant note is working like a charm.

“This is my last year and I have to leave everything I have on the court,” said Williams, who is ranked No. 7 overall in the ESPN 60. “Everyone knows that I work hard in the paint, but this summer I wanted to show other parts of my game that I’ve been working on.”

Specifically his mid-range jump shot, which Williams has knocked down more consistently this spring.

Makes sense considering Williams gets in 1,000 made jump shots a day.

“It takes a couple hours, but I have to get my makes in,” Williams said. “The cool thing is when I talk to college coaches that are recruiting me and they bring up how much my jump shot has developed. That just makes me want to work harder.”

Williams has everyone from Kansas to Louisville to Florida State all in hot pursuit; his most recent offer came from Duke last week.

“That was big for me,” Williams said of the Duke offer. “It just shows me that all this hard work is paying off. What’s helped me out though is not even thinking about the colleges and focusing on school and basketball. That’s what I’m planning to keep doing. I talk to the coaches, but my main focus is getting better. That’s what gotten me this far.”

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