Positive behavior should be expected, not rewarded

Positive behavior should be expected, not rewarded


Positive behavior should be expected, not rewarded

Rewards for positive behavior are coming back from middle school and being brought to the high school in the form of “bricks”.  The positive behavior bricks are being used to recognize students who show positive acts and good behavior in school.

The “bricks” which are actually just pieces of paper, will be displayed in a case on the outside of the athletics office eventually building a wall.  If given a positive behavior brick, you get a Titan Buck which can be used in the Titan Shop.

As a high school student, you should know how to act appropriately in a school setting without the incentive of getting a reward for doing it.  Students should not be rewarded for their good behavior.

Being from a generation where most of the kids feel they are entitled to everything, this just enhances that problem.  Students will feel that they deserve a reward for doing what should be expected. This will lead students to believe that they are only doing the right thing for the reward and recognition that a teacher wants them to receive, rather than just doing the right thing because it is the right thing.

The rules given at the high school are not hard to follow whatsoever.  I should not be rewarded just because I have respect for my teachers and know not to talk back to them and neither should anyone else.  Because I come to class on time and do my work, does not mean I want a reward for it. As a teenager, school is my job.  I don’t go to school for enjoyment, but because it is what I’m supposed to do.

The students who are recognized or nominated for Student of the Month will most likely be the same group of students who will receive the positive behavior bricks. Usually, the same teachers are nominating the same type of students each year, ones who participate more than others in class, do their work, help classmates, and give insightful input to discussions. Students should not continuously be given a tangible reward for doing what is expected of them.

Similar to sports, the positive behavior bricks are just like the participation awards given in sports today.  Children should not be awarded in their sport just because they are trying.  Everyone should try and give 100% into what they’re doing.  In today’s society, everyone wants to be recognized for every little thing he/she does, but that isn’t how the real world works. In a child’s softball tournament, every team should not be rewarded just for playing.  The winners should be rewarded because they either worked the hardest to win or they were the best, being deserving of the winning title.  Giving everyone a trophy or award takes away from the glory or pride that the winners have.  It leads everyone to not really try his/her hardest or care because they’re all going to get an award anyways.

Although positive behavior bricks are not just handed out left and right like a participation award is in sports, it still is related to that aspect.  Once again, no reward should be given to someone because they are doing the right thing or what they are supposed to be doing.

Good behavior and good acts in school should not be rewarded.  Students should do the right thing because that is what they are supposed to do. Doing the right thing should be a reward in itself, giving the people who do the right thing self-respect, confidence, and the good feeling of being beneficial to society without needing rewarded.


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Positive behavior should be expected, not rewarded
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