Prominent AAU coach: Recruiting players is 'like courting a woman'

Prominent AAU coach: Recruiting players is 'like courting a woman'


Prominent AAU coach: Recruiting players is 'like courting a woman'

Keith Stevens is among the most prominent AAU coaches in the Washington, D.C., area and a key cog for college coaches who want to attract the region’s top players.

Stevens, coach of Team Takeover, was among those who attended Patrick Ewing’s introductory news conference last week at Georgetown and he shared his thoughts on recruiting with the New York Times.

Perhaps most interesting was this comparison on letting players know they are important:

“It’s just like if I was courting a woman. I’d buy her some flowers, take her to the best restaurants. You have to make them a priority.”

On how recruiting has changed over time: 

“To be successful these days, it’s all about recruiting, and recruiting isn’t what it used to be, 10, 20, 30 years ago. Used to be that college coaches could go right to a player’s parents or high school coaches. Now there are many more people a coach has to go through to get a player. Trainers, guys in the neighborhood. Coaches. Just a lot more layers.”

On the importance of Ewing making connections and quickly with locally based talent:

“The first 72 hours is important. The community is watching. How do you connect with the community? How do you connect with the guys who have a relationship with these local players? It won’t be easy, but I think he can do it. …

“He has to find creative ways to bring an attraction there. Find something different. I don’t know what that is. But he needs to find a way to get these kids to stay home and play here. He has to work hard at being the closer. He has to get the guys to believe in him and what Georgetown brings to the table.”


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