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Texas middle school hoops coaches allegedly tried to cover up students 'sexually targeted' on bus ride

A pair of Texas middle school basketball coaches have been arrested and charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence.

Irving Gomez and Rogelio Gutierrez, coaches at Goddard Junior High School in Midland, Texas, were arrested Monday in connection with an incident that occurred on a team bus ride from Bonham Junior High back to Midland.

According to Midland NBC affiliate KWES, Goddard players ganged up on and simulated sex with two players during the bus ride and other students were recording on their phones. The players ignored verbal requests to stop. According to the report, the coaches threatened students with punishment if they disseminated anything related to the incidents on social media and the coaches tell the players not to tell their parents.

The report said that instead of helping the alleged victim, the two coaches were more concerned with self-preservation and keeping the incident quiet.

Here are just some of the harrowing quotes from the coaches, and one student, as gathered by KWES:

According the report, the coaches could be heard saying, “Quit humping back there” and calling out to the boys to, “Chill out” and, “{expletive} sit down!”

The report further stated that one student on the bus could be clearly heard saying, “help me.” …

“Aint funny. Y’all better not put this on social media!” He also told them to take it off if it was already on. Gutierrez is heard saying that, “he wasn’t going to jail for any of you {expletive}.”

According to the report, once the bus stopped at Goddard, the coaches told the students to erase any videos and not to tell their parents or any other members of the team because “{expletive} can {expletive} all y’all up.” Gutierrez then said, “if no one says {expletive}, it’s gone.”

Both Gutierrez and Gomez, who was driving the bus, are teachers and coaches at Goddard, but that status could be reviewed and adjusted at any time following the charges against them.

For now, they have been removed from situations where they can interact with the Goddard basketball team.