Texas QB signee Sam Ehlinger ethers UT safety Dylan Haines on Twitter

Sam Ehlinger and new Texas coach Tom Herman (Photo: Twitter screen shot)

Sam Ehlinger and new Texas coach Tom Herman (Photo: Twitter screen shot)

Sam Ehlinger isn’t wasting any time firing up the Longhorns base. Get in the way of that mission at your own peril.

On Tuesday, Ehlinger sent out a tweet intended to excite the notoriously rabid Texas football fan base by providing a sense of the hard work the team is putting in during the offseason. It was a harmless, victimless tweet, the kind which served an easy benefit with no real risk. Or so it was until Longhorns safety Dylan Haines chimed in to call out Ehlinger for going to the motivational well so early in his college career.

That turned out to be a very poor idea by Haines, for the reasons you can see in the Longhorns friendly fire social media attack you see below:

Multiple former Longhorns from different sports also weighed in on the Twitter farrago, most notably Quandre Diggs (multiple times), a fellow former defensive back, and Greg Swindell, the former All-Star lefthanded pitcher. All came down on Ehlinger’s side, which may or may not say something about Haines’ level of support from the Texas fan base.

For their part, both Diggs and Haines said they were only tweeting out in good fun, and didn’t mean anything personal by the Twitter back and forth. That said, Haines didn’t sign off without one final shot across Ehlinger’s bow, telling the Austin Westlake product to tweet back when he starts his first game.

Something tells us Ehlinger may very well Tweet back before he starts a game anyway.