Textbooks VS Tablets

Textbooks VS Tablets


Textbooks VS Tablets

I think tablets should replace textbooks in schools.

Admittedly,textbooks are very authentic and have been around for a long time.Tablets could expand the options to learn with different historic websites and it will allow the kids to do more research than trying to find it in a textbook when there is a possibility that it won’t be there.

One reason the exchange would be better would be because Tablets help students learn more material faster. Technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 30-80%.

Another reason is would be better would be Tablets can hold hundreds of textbooks on one device, plus homework, quizzes, and other files, eliminating the need for physical storage of books and classroom materials.

The final reason for the exchange would be Tablets contain many technological features that cannot be found in print textbooks. Tablets give users the ability to highlight and edit text and write notes without ruining a textbook for the next user. Tablets have a search function, a back-lighting option to read in low light, and a built-in dictionary. Interactive diagrams and videos increase student creativity, motivation, attentiveness, and engagement with classroom materials.

In conclusion tablets should replace textbooks.



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Textbooks VS Tablets
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